Madison Visionary Partners (MVP) is a community nonprofit in Madison, AL. We are working to provide the people that live and work in Madison a place to make their donation dollars and volunteer hours go towards making a difference specifically to our Madison City Community! 


Greater Huntsville has a lot of great nonprofit organizations that benefit many different causes, but none address the specific need to improve the overall quality of life in our small community.  We use the catch phrase “We give where we live” for a reason.

Often community organizations are able to make changes to their communities by taking an adversarial role to local government.  MVP is choosing a different model –“Creating Partnerships for the Common Good”. 


We believe that by partnering with local government and other community organizations in a collaborative way we will be able to be the “missing puzzle piece” in ensuring positive projects that benefit our community can get off the ground and help our community as a whole.  As resources for local agencies dwindle and the demand for services grows, public entities will out of necessity turn to other sources in the community to fill in gaps or provide for unique needs.  Community nonprofits such as MVP are effectively filling that need across our nation.




Connecting people who care with causes that matter to enrich the quality of life in the City of Madison.

MVP is a community nonprofit organization that exists to inspire giving and bring together people, local government, and resources to increase the quality of life for people in Madison. 

Through volunteerism, collaborative partnerships, and inspiring and assisting philanthropy, MVP will be a catalyst in stimulating and supporting services and projects that enhance the lives of people living or working in the City of Madison.

Our Office

103 Spenryn Dr.

Madison, Al