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Home Place Park

Madison Visionary Partners led the fundraising effort to renovate Home Place Park, located near Downtown Madison. MVP raised $85,000 to renovate Home Place Park, which opened in 2022.


The renovated park features a performance pavilion and amphitheater-style seating, as well as a picnic area and a walking path.


The improvements will allow residents and visitors to enjoy outdoor theatrical and musical performances, as well as other events with ample parking available at the nearby Madison City Stadium. The park also features a parallel parking bay, with electrical hook-ups, along the south side of Shorter Street to accommodate food trucks.


The Rotary Club of Madison assisted in the funding of the pavilion with a generous $50,000 donation.


During MVP’s listening tour, residents voiced their wish for more community green space, as well as arts and cultural events.


Major supporters of Home Place Park include AMT Integrated Solutions, Redstone Federal Credit Union, and Signalink.


MVP and other community partners are working on bringing arts and cultural programming to the park this summer and beyond.


Home Place Park donors
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