Community Beautification

Communities are meant to create connections, opportunities, and a sense of belonging.  Although there are many different ways to build, enhance, and maintain communities, Madison Visionary Partners (MVP) plans to support projects that support a sense of community through beautification and sustainability projects.  Community beautification is a fantastic way to enhance the community experience, as it encourages the community to become further connected, more appealing to opportunities, and significantly enhances every member’s sense of belonging. 

Possible projects:

  • Gateway Signage at city entrance points

  • Painting Downtown Iron Fence

  • Painting Downtown Gazebo

  • Partnering with Garden Clubs and Master Gardner’s to improve outdoor appearance

Sneaker Mural

Arts and Culture

If Southern style and beauty reflect a community’s “face” and parks and recreation reflect its “health” then Arts and Culture reflect its “soul.”  Small communities across the nation are integrating arts and culture into their communities not just to increase economic opportunities or enhance quality of life but also as a way to bring communities together.

MVP will support projects that create opportunities for people to come together in the creation and celebration of culture. We believe arts and culture will develop our City’s social capital by cooperating, sharing, and seeking and finding shared goals, and by developing ties on a cultural level. These connections will also serve our community well in our other endeavors--from economic development to civic participation to healthy living.


Possible projects:

  • Public Art

  • Painting Murals on concessions stands, buildings and water towers

  • Build a giant Madison sign where we can show our community pride

Bench on Autumn Leaves

Parks and Recreation

Parks are a tangible reflection of the quality of life in a community.  They provide identity for citizens and are a major factor in the perception of quality of life in a given community.  Parks and recreation services are often cited as one of the most important factors in surveys of how livable communities are.  That is why MVP will support projects and programs that maintain and expand our City’s vital parks.

Possible projects:

  • Adding a gazebo and two bridges to the newly built Bradford Creek trailhead

  • Renovating and repairing Kids Kingdom

  • Supporting the creation of a new Senior Center

STEM Play (Medium) (002).jpg

Science and Technology

Madison is a unique city where we  celebrate our ties to science and technology.  We love our city’s Geekiness with our historical tie to NASA and the burgeoning industrial and technological business communities we have.  There are more engineers and scientists in Madison per capita than most places in the nation.  That is why MVP will work on projects that make science and technology accessible to our community in large and small ways.

Possible projects:

  • Build a STEAM playground (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

Go Team

Strategic Partnerships

MVP reached out to citizens of Madison this past summer on a “Listening Tour.” There, we asked people from all walks of life, what they wanted from their community nonprofit.  We received many creative and insightful ideas, but one theme came across loud and clear: people voiced a need for organizations to partner and collaborate together in order to have maximum productivity.  MVP listened and will make reaching out to other organizations and nonprofits a priority so that our combined efforts will enhance our City!

Possible projects:

  • Become a Fiscal Sponsor to smaller organizations or individuals allowing them to raise funds for projects to help Madison by using our nonprofit expertise and tax deduction capabilities