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In March of 2023, Madison Visionary Partners signed an agreement with the Madison Arts Council to become their umbrella organization while they restructure and rebuild. Relaunching as the Madison Arts Alliance later this year, this agreement will allow them to access the full benefits of a 501c3 organization and be guided by the expertise of our board and staff in their efforts. 

The role of arts in our city...

The city of Madison has grown exponentially over the last 12 years and is now the ninth largest city in Alabama. In tandem with the growth of the city, we have also seen an increased interest in supporting arts and culture.

At their best, local arts organizations play a vital role in the overall cultural, social and economic development of a community. They strive to develop, support, promote and coordinate the arts at the local level. 

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please join our mailing list. We will keep you updated as we make plans for our launch later this year.


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