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  • Melanie Thornton

MVP and Chamber raise $2080 for the schools

Madison Visionary Partners and the Madison Chamber of Commerce presented the Madison City Schools with a check for $2080 to go towards their snack fund.

Earlier this month, the two organizations teamed up to raise money to purchase snacks for students at Madison City Schools. The campaign, called Snacks for Success, will provide snacks to elementary students as well as to middle and high school students through the school counselor.

”Our partnership with MVP to launch a snack fund allows our Madison Chamber membership to find new and innovative ways to support our local school system. This initiative will create a wonderful synergy to continue the great educational opportunities in our city,” said Michelle Epling, Executive Director of the Madison Chamber of Commerce. “We are looking forward to all our members supporting this initiative.”

“MVP was founded on the idea of community and this is the perfect example of how we can support our youngest citizens. Our hope is that businesses and the community will come together so this fund will have a major impact on our schools, teachers and students,” said Melanie Thornton, Executive Director of Madison Visionary Partners. .

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