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The Shoppes of Historic Downtown Madison is a collaboration between Historic Downtown Madison's local business owners who envision a vibrant downtown where people come to gather, shop and play!

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Our Story

Madison farmers market

The Shoppes of Historic Downtown Madison was formed in early 2022 to bring family-friendly events to the historic Downtown Madison area. 

Historic downtowns across the country are seeing redevelopment and growth due to business owners, land owners and those with vested interest in not only preserving historic areas, but turning them into destination points for the community to enjoy. Our vision is to create consistent activities and events to bring the community to Downtown Madison. 

In 2023, we partnered with Madison Visionary Partners, Madison's community nonprofit, to act as our fiduciary and legal entity. When you support the Shoppes, you are not only receiving a tax-deduction, but you are supporting the local community.

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