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  • Melanie Thornton

MVP hosts first community roundtable

Over 25 local artists and stakeholders attended Madison Visionary Partners' first community roundtable on the arts. Co-hosted with the newly formed Madison Arts Alliance, the discussion produced a great path forward for arts initiatives in Madison.

"I think the takeaway from this is that we have a wonderful community who fully supports the arts and we have many opportunities for it to grow with the Madison Arts Alliance,"

Information gathered from the community roundtable will be used by the Madison Arts Alliance as they form their plan for the next few years.

"We found the community roundtable to be successful as we heard excellent ideas and areas of focus the community would like to see. The Arts Alliance plans to host future community roundtable discussions to continue the effort to serve our residents," said Rosalie Holcombe, the board president of the Madison Arts Alliance.

If you would like information on the next roundtable, please sign up for our newsletter.

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