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Community Impact Grant Spotlight: Madison Hospital Car Seat Safety

Every child deserves safe transportation. Every parent deserves the peace of mind that if an accident happens, they have done all that they can to minimize injury to their child.

This summer, with the help of Madison Visionary Partners, Madison Hospital opened the first car seat fitting station at Madison Hospital. This is a satellite station of Huntsville Hospital's Car Seat Safety Program, which has been in service since 1997. The fitting station service is offered free to any member of the community, and trained technicians ensure that parents, caregivers, and children in the Huntsville area are educated on the proper installation and use of car seats, booster seats, and seat belts.

While many accidents are unintentional, many are preventable. Motor-vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death among children, yet three out of four car seats in the U.S. are installed incorrectly. Additionally, when patients come to the hospital after a car crash, if a car seat is in the car at the time of crash, it is deemed unsafe until inspection and should be replaced.

Madison Hospital is solving this community need by offering free car seat stations for anyone in the community. Certified technicians check installed seats for proper fitting. They educate mothers on proper seat belting and car seat positioning. If more education is desired, video education and instruction is offered online as a follow up to in-person fittings.

Additionally, mothers who are involved in accidents receive a free car seat so they can leave the hospital safely with their child. Mothers who qualify for government assistance receive free car seats as well as installation and education as well. Mothers who are verified low income but do not qualify for government assistance will also receive a free car seat, installation, and education.

With a grant from Madison Visionary Partners, they will be able to offer fitting stations in Madison on Mondays. The service is free, but appointments are necessary. To make an appointment, call 256-817- 5650 or sign up online at

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