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Community Impact Grant Spotlight: Madison Public Library Music Garden

Just as the mission of the Huntsville/Madison County Public Library states, it is our goal to provide the residents of the City of Madison opportunities to create, explore, and connect. This Music Garden will do just that through the power of sound and music.

The Madison Public Library is a popular destination for Madison residents, with over 252,000 patrons visiting in 2023. The Music Garden is a new addition to the Library, providing a space for structured and spontaneous musical activities. Patrons can stop by and enjoy a moment of musical fun or participate in musical storytimes, instruction, relaxing meditations, or performances. The Music Garden will serve as an additional gathering place for the Madison community. Madison Visionary Partners awarded a grant of $2,500 to HMCPL to aid in the creation of the Madison Public Library Music Garden.

When asked about the new addition to the Madison Public Library, Branch Manager Katie Moore said, “It is easily accessible from the children’s room, so kids can play on it whenever they are at the Library. It has an attached songbook with several songs that kids can learn to play by using the musical notation or just playing the correct color chimes. Youth librarians are already planning to incorporate it into storytimes this summer.”

The development of the Music Garden will be a multi-year project, with this installation being the initial piece of equipment. Thanks to Madison Visionary Partners for their contribution to help bring this new addition to fruition. We cannot wait to see how it grows into the future.

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